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    Cluster-wide Session Access

    Andy Morris Newbie

      I'm currently trying to find a way to gain access to a cluster-wide list of active Tomcat Sessions. This is proving very difficult.

      I've looked at the possibility of using the HttpSessionListener interface but unfortunately that won't suffice - as it's not fail-safe when it comes to a node in a cluster unexpectedly going away.

      The problem I'm trying to tackle is that of implementing a session-tracking licencing engine for our J2EE product. Essentially - I want to be able to read an attribute (that is set at login) from a session and count how many sessions have that attribute set.

      Having scoured the JMX console for ways that existing JMX components get this information, it would appear that such information is available to:

      The MBEAN registered under the jboss.web domain:

      however, I can't for the life of me work out how to do a JNDI lookup to get access to that MBEAN - it doesn't appear to be registered in JNDI (when using the JNDIView component).

      However - the jmx-console itself can see the component fine - and can execute calls on it.

      Can anyone help? Or advise an alternative solution to cluster-wide session access?

      Many thanks,