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    JBoss, Tomcat & ActiveX

    Ajay Chitre Newbie


      I am porting an application from Weblogic to JBoss. There's a feature that used to work under Weblogic, but now it's not working under JBoss. Any help in resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated.

      Here's the problem:

      We have a JSP that embeds a 'Visio Viewer' object as follows:

      <object classid="clsid:279D6C9A-652E-4833-BEFC-312CA8887857"
       id="Viewer1" width="90%" height="90%" codebase="/common/visio/vviewer.exe" >
       <param name="SRC" value="<%=absDwnUrl%>">
       <param name="BackColor" value="16777215">
       <param name="PageVisible" value="1">

      Under JBoss the URL specified by 'SRC' attribute is not getting hit. As such we get an error message saying 'The file is not a valid visio file'.

      When I copy & paste the URL in another browser window it hits JBoss.

      But from within an ActiveX control it doesn't work. Is this a security issue either in JBoss or Tomcat?

      Please help. Thanks.

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          Ajay Chitre Newbie

          I fixed this issue. The problem was that, my URL contained query parameters. When I removed them, the request started coming in to JBoss.

          I guess the reasoning is that, if I have query parameters JBoss treats that as a GET request; otherwise it treats that as a POST request.

          Seems like Weblogic doesn't care.

          Anyway, thought I should share this info. Thanks.