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    Reload a panelGrid with poll (View State Restore Problem)

    Chris Stell Newbie


      i want to reload a panelGrid with a4j:poll.
      But after the time is up i get a alert box "View State could't be restored - reload page?"
      In the panelGrid i have a jFreeChart whichi want to reload

      <a4j:poll interval="10000" reRender="gridPanel1"/>
      <h:panelGrid binding="#{liveDaten.gridPanel1}" id="gridPanel1" style="height: 215px; left: 24px; top: 96px; position: absolute" width="335">
      <c:chart antialias="true" datasource="#{nci.chartBytesTrans}" height="215" id="chart1" is3d="true" title="Something" type="bar" width="335"/>

      Can someone help me please or give me another solution?