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    Forwarding apache -> jboss -> jboss

    Phil Murphy Newbie

      In the screnaio where there is an apache in a DMZ forwarding to a known JBoss AJP13 port using mod-jk. This is works fine as per doco.

      We have scenario where we deploy an application to another 'offline' jboss instance with different ports and when testing is complete and ready for deployment switch we have to change the worker.properties settings on DMZ apache server.

      The DMZ apache server is under the control of another section, making changes more difficult.

      Is it possible to have an intermediate JBoss instance always listening on a known AJP port (say 9002) for the DMZ apache server, to forward to the real JBoss instance on a port specified in the intermediate JBoss instance.

      Changing the intermediate JBoss to forward to the different port would be more under our control.

      Are there any other options in doing this 2 step forwarding ?