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    Can actual and alias IP share the same port

    Ramesh Kumar Newbie

      Hi all,

      I would like to explain my environment.

      Apache 1.3.36
      JBoss 4.0.3SP1
      Mod_jk 1.2.15

      Apache is my front end server (serve static pages) and JBoss is the guy, do serve dynamic pages from back end.

      I have some applications (both SSL and non-SSL) to be deployed in Apache and JBoss. Apache is taken 80 to serve non-ssl applications, like JBoss taken 8080 and 443 ports for non-ssl and ssl applications.

      I have added the mod_jk module in Apache HTTP server, to forward the dynamic page requests (.jsp and .java) to JBoss. This environment is working fine with the following URL request, like


      Here, I am being stumped by http://dynamic.jboss.non-ssl:8080 application, Is there any way to run "dynamic.jboss.non-ssl" application without using the port 8080 in URL, like http://dynamic.jboss.non-ssl

      At this stage, these are the options I tried:

      1. I have created an alias IP ( of my NIC ( and changed JBoss port 8080 by 80 (used for non-ssl applications) and tried to run JBoss with IP address. (given for Apache HTTP server)

      command: sh run.sh -b

      The JBoss server throws the Bind Exception, so I revert that port 80 to 8080.

      2. I have given to Apache and to JBoss, I did not find any break through.

      I am almost lost here, my request is, I want to avoid the usage of port number in the URL of both JBoss and Apache server serve ssl and non-ssl applications.

      Thank you for reading with patience,