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    Problems Deploying JSF in Jboss (It works fine with Tomcat)

    Dele Owoseni Newbie


      I am trying to deploy a JSF Project in JBoss, but for some reason it does not work. The same project that I am trying to deploy in JBoss has no problems working in Tomcat. I figure this is because of the jar files i have in my project / jboss lib. It appears that you cannot use the same lib files as you would if you were deploying the project with Tomcat.

      My problem is that I cannot find anywhere, that gives accurate or any documentation at all about what jar files I will need in my lib folders, and what files I will need to get rid of. It would be great help if someone could please explain on here, what I need to do, or give me a link that gives accurate directions. It would be much appreciated.

      Thanks Alot