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    Isoloated ClassLoading in JBoss 4.0.4GA

    Todd Gould Novice


      I'm attemtping to achieve isolated classloading for individual war based applications (without much success) in a JBoss 4.0.4GA environment. I understand that these issues have changed since at least the 3.x days as well as perhaps again since the 4.0.2 daysfrom what I have found in the wiki at http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=ClassLoadingConfiguration.

      Anyway, I am hoping to have entirely self sufficient war applications that do not use anything such as the MyFaces and log4j libs from the parent classloaders. From the wiki, I have tried the following. Here is what I have in my:


      <attribute "FilteredPackages">org.apache.commons.logging

      In each war I have added a WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml with the following content:

      <class-loading java2ClassLoadingCompliance="false">

      However, this is not providing isolation for me (as adding MyFaces and/or log4j jars of different versions to my WEB-INF/lib causes conflicts symptomatic of non-isolated class loading).

      Am I missing something unique in 4.0.4 or otherwise missing something? How can this desired behavior be achieved?