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    Http post memory deallocation

    Vitor Isaia Newbie

      I have an upload application, wich consists in an applet that sends post requests to a servlet, through the Jakarta Commons HttpClient libs. The file is uploaded in packages, so I divide the file in 100 parts and send each part per httppost. So when I upload a file I do 100 posts, one per package. What happens is, for every post, the server memory (jboss 4.0.3SP1 - uses Tomcat 5) increases according to the post size. At the end of the process, the server do not deallocate that memory. So after I upload a few large files, I have an out of memory exception. I don't know how to deallocate that memory, actually should I? I think the server should know that memory is not used any more and then deallocate it. At the and of the doPost servlet's method, I placed a System.gc() but did not change anything. Any suggestions?

      I did a preview search and didn't find anything about this issue...
      Thanks a lot for any help.