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    Question regarding context and mod_proxy

    vannguyen0 Newbie

      I have two instances on JBoss (one instance for development test and the other one for QA). They both contain the same war files... so they both have the same applications with the same context root. They are running on different jk2 ports.

      In my httpd.conf, I have this:

      ProxyPass /app1 ajp://localhost:8009/app1
      ProxyPass /app2 ajp://localhost:8009/app2

      so when someone goes to http://www.mydomain.com/app1 or http://www.mydomain.com/app2 that works.

      What I want to do is add:

      ProxyPass /dev/app1 ajp://localhost:8010/app1
      ProxyPass /dev/app2 ajp://localhost:8010/app2

      so that when someone goest to http://www.mydomain.com/dev/app1, it goes to the second instance of JBoss.

      I have yet gotten this to work (or is it even possible??)

      If not... any suggestions on how to go about this?