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    Deploying a webapplication and manage JSP modification !

    Stefano Gallina Newbie


      i am working on a big project using JBuilder as IDE.
      JBuilder creates 3 modules : 1 for webapplication (WAR file), 1 for EJB Session and 1 for EJB Entity.
      I spent a lot of months to work on business layer of the application but now i have to work on presentation layer.
      The problem is : everytime i change something in a JSP page i have to "Redeploy" the entire module (the file War) of the application.
      It takes several minutes because the project is made up of 1800 files.
      So, is there anyway to speed up the process of deploy.
      I mean, is it possible not to create the entire WAR file after a modification of a JSP file ?
      I checked the project properties in JBuilder but i didn't find anything ?
      Does it depend on the JBuilder plug-in for JBoss ?
      I hope to get an answer!