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    How To make Jboss talk to tomcat in other server

    Marcos Donato Newbie

      Hi all,

      Sorry for the question, but i don't know what to do?

      My environment is this:

      Jboss-4.0.2 with my enterprise application running sucessfuly, but, i will need to create another application and put it in other server with tomcat only. For only one reason, my problem is BusinessObject (Crystal Server XI).

      This shit of BusinessObject cames with 2 basic installations options, IIS and Tomcat to administrate it.

      I don't have any experience with .net so i'll need to use the tomcat installation, and for my application works fine, i should install both together, jboss + myapplication and BusinessObject. So for test only prupose it works fine, but it's not a good pratice in customers sites.

      Many customers have one machine for one funcionality, ex.: data base machine, file server machine, application machine, repository machine and so on...

      Some one know how could i integrate jboss with a tomcat in other machine? I've tried to take a look at ajp13 connector, but i didn't found some sample or some direction to follow!

      I have some experience with ajp13 integrating IIS with jboss, but i have no idea to integrate jboss with other tomcat!!!