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    Specifying FQN in TomcatClusteringCache

    Tyler Black Newbie

      Hello, and happy halloween!

      Is there a way to specify what FQN to use when replicating tomcat sessions via the TomcatClusteringCache pojocache?

      I'm trying to achieve something akin to single sign on, but across multiple subdomains. We've gotten around the JSESSIONID cookie across domains, but the clustering cache is storing the session object in its POJOCache with a different FQN for each subdomain.

      I can extend TreeCacheAOP, but all that would buy me is the ability to fudge with the FQN that was passed into put() and get() methods, which is complete hackery and I don't want to do that.

      Any help would be much appreciated.

      Tyler Black
      Mixpo Inc.