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    how to limit or kill http connections?

    Emily Newbie

      Using Jboss-4.0.1...

      We are serving up a straight xml (actually a wsdl) file in our production system. Some of our client applications are misbehaving (probably because behind a firewall), thinking they are repeatedly failing, retrying and hanging on to our connections for what seems to be up to 30 minutes. I have changed all the connector timeout and session timeout values I can find to 5 minutes, but that seems to have no effect, I'm assuming because when I look at the "status" of each request processor on the Tomcat status page, it is "S" or "servicing."

      Is there something for tomcat like apache's "mod_ip_count"? That way I could limit how many connections our badly behaving client applications consume.

      And/or, is there a way to set a hard timeout for each Connector?

      Here is my connector configuration: