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    Apache 2 and Jboss performance tuning

    Pawan Kumar Newbie


      Our website is based on the typical architecture in which request is intercepted by apache http server 2 and later on passed to JBoss(3.2.6).

      Despite our efforts the website runs very slow(responds in 10 seconds for an avg page). The methods we employed so far are:-

      - We increased JVM heap size by 2 GB
      - Introduced pre-compiler for all the existing JSPs, if there are new jsps created then those have to be incorporated as well
      - Apache thread size increased in httpd.conf (I have not idea about exact figure)
      - Restarted server m/c on every release
      - Maitained memory consumption statistics hourly basis.
      - Monitored DB connections
      - Maintained response time for prominent JSPs
      - Deleted jk2.log under jboss directory, when its size exceeds 2 GB then apache log gets increased very fast, so we need to check this as well. After this change we observed healthy behavior of application
      -Apache Log level modified

      But the problem still persists. On an avg the no. of concurrent users are not more than 100. Can anybody help in identifying more such mesures.