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    HttpRequest Parameters Disappears...

    Ho-bin Ahn Newbie


      I'm developing my project with Apache2.0 and Jboss-4.0.4.GA.

      I use Jboss Instance only one.

      If I click a button in my browser by 'POST' method after logining my site and then restarting Jboss, HttpRequest Parameters disappears in my servlet.

      But if I send request data by 'GET' mothed, I get HttpRequest Parameters in my servlet.

      What is my problems?

      The test order is
      1) Login the site
      2) Restart JBOSS
      3) Send Request to Server by 'POST' method in the form tag
      4) Can't get HttpRequest Parameters
      5) Send Request to Server by 'GET' method int the form tag
      6) Can get HttpRequest Parameters

      Please answer my problems.

      Thank you...

      ps: English is not my native language...