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    Basic problem with a4j:support , but it's driving me crazy

    Andre Silva Newbie

      Hi All :)
      Sorry for my poor English.

      I've been using Ajax4JSF in my JSF apps for some time and I'm having basic problems.
      I have two drop down boxes, where the second loads from the first. It is working 100% with a4j:support tag.
      I have some other fields(textfileds) in the form and they are required="true".
      The form works fine, and if the user do not fill any field and press the submit button, the form shows the validation messages.
      GREAT. This is perfect, BUT now if the user tries to select the first drop down it do not loads the second!
      I'm already using ajaxSingle="true".

      In few words... the a4j:support is not accessing my BackBean when the page is submitted with blank values.

      Well... who had this problem? How to fix it?
      I can do all the validation in javascript, then I can let the field with required="false", but it will be too hard(the app is big) and I will wast a lot of time.
      I don't think there's no solution for such a simple problem.
      Any help is appreciated.
      Thank you.