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    cookies browser problem with ajax

    Elmo Novice


      I have a recurring problem regarding cookies. We always have our users accept/unblock cookies in the browser otherwise it can't access especially our ajax routines. It's quite annoying because users might think the application sucks. In our development, even if we block cookies, it works. But when we put it in production, the problem occurs. Our setup is like this - We run Jboss 4.03 in Linux Fedora. Our DNS is hosted in Yahoo and points to our server. This setup is maintained by somebody else, so we can't figure out where the problem is. I was assuming when I would check say, www.mysite.com, it would return the IP of our server. Instead it returns a Yahoo IP address. Is there a problem with that setup? Also I noticed when browsing pages, our url does not change. It steadies at www.mysite.com. I was thinking it should have been www.mysite.com/index.htm for example. Thanks a lot. Would appreciate any reply.