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    Are RMI Stubs in JNDI Thread-safe?

    Micho Edershvili Newbie

      I have a servlet talking to a Sessionbean.

      Is it allowed -regarding threadsafeness - to obtain the manager in the servlets init() method and store it in an instance-membervariable of the servlet.

      public class LzServlet extends HttpServlet {
       MandantenManager mm =null;
       public void init(ServletConfig config)
       { InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();
       mm = (MandantenManager) ctx.lookup("BBCS/MandantenManagerBean/remote");
       catch (Exception e)
       { e.printStackTrace(); }

      If it is not allowed, is there a performant way to solve the problem, without creating an initialContext in every call of the servelet.

      Is getting the initialcontext and the lookup an "expensive" operation?