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    Tomcat Manager Context,tomcat-users.xml Why to redefine in J

    S(Samuel) Pattabiraman Newbie

      I am wondering if there is an alternative to redefining the tomcat users in the JBoss config directory with defaultusers.props.
      Can we leave tomcat as it is to use its users?
      Jboss Management console is not good to do the administration Job. I would like to use the Tomcat Manager and admin context but JBoss stripped it already.

      Do JBoss have a planning to give a better management console (or) okay to install the management context within its embedded Tomcat?

      Can anyone from JBoss group answer.

      JBoss Management console is not good. It can't do administration at all.

      I am posting because we are evaluating whether or not to buy JBoss Product/Support.

      All our business logic will be based in Spring,Hibernate, POJO and Axis frameworks. We don't really need JBoss but we will go if there is any advantage.