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    Problems with _link_hidden_

    Hari N Newbie

      I hit upon this problem ( http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/AJSF-16 ) and then tried to get the latest version from SVN to check if this works

      But I hit a different problem

      I tried the fix but I have a new problem in IE 7 saying line 9 char 45 elements is null.

      I believe this refers to the form.js (ajax4jsf/trunk/framework/src/main/resources/org/ajax4jsf/renderkit/html/scripts/form.js)

      The form.elements is null I believe and because of which the form.submit does not happen .

      I tried removing the form.elements (i.e. commented out the if part executing only the else parts (creating thethe input fields ) . But the params list seems to be empty and thus does not still populate the form

      This works in FF but does not work in IE 7