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    "struts forward.setPath" problem:

    august fox Newbie

      I have a project which has been develped by WSAD5.1.2(ibm).
      Now I want to import this project into eclipse3.1.2+jboss4.0.1sp1+myeclipse4.1.1.
      All has runned well,except one problem as follows:

      In my DispatchAction when forward.setPath(url);
      the url must begin with "/",
      such as forward.setPath("/success.jsp"),not forward.setPath("success.jsp").

      But all is well in WSAD,I searched some struts/servlet source code,but have
      no idea of it.
      My project uses lots of DispatchActions,all as above,and not want add "/"
      for every forward.setPath().

      Any help is appreciated,thanks all.