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    Problem with applet loading from jsp on JBoss server

    Pablo Suralowski Newbie

      Hello! I'm new in J2EE. I have a problem with loading applet from JSP files on JBoss serwer. In appletViewer applet is working ok.

      I'm using code to embed applet:

      <jsp:plugin type="applet" code="org.przedsiebiorca.TablesManager.class">

      And then I generate WAR file (using Lomboz - plug in to ecclipse) and placed it in jboss/server/deploy. And when I load page with applet I reveive exception (from java Console):
      load: class org.przedsiebiorca.TablesManager.class not found.
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.przedsiebiorca.TablesManager.class

      How should I load applet correctly from files on JBoss server? Maybe I have to place manually applet files in some directory? Please, help me.