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    Sakai 2.3 on JBoss - how to deploy?

    Rafael Morales Newbie


      I have tried successfully Sakai 2.3.x on Tomcat 5.5 but I need to
      finally deploy it into JBoss and I am a bit lost here. On Tomcat, maven
      puts files in the directories

      common/lib: JAR files (for Tomcat and applications)
      server/lib: JAR files (for Tomcat only)
      shared/lib: JAR files (for applications)
      webapps: WAR files (applications)
      components: component declarations? Empty directories with WEBAPPS subdirectories.

      My interpretation of JBoss documentation is that the mapping starts as

      webapps -> deploy
      server/lib -> server/lib

      but then I got little idea about the rest. My thinking is that
      shared/lib would go to deploy but then I am doubtful on where to put the
      files deployed to common/lib and the components directory.

      Any clues? Do I have to do anything else besides placing the files in
      diferent places?