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    Trying to deploy web app directory

    emrandle Newbie

      I have an expanded web app directory, a root directory that contains jsp file and a WEB-INF directory containing a web.xml. I tried to point to this directoryby adding it to the deploy list in jboss-service.xml like this:


      After starting jboss, the app does not deploy, is not available. Can this be done? if so, what am i doing wrong?


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          Peter Johnson Master

          What files are in directory /webapps/ccr? Are you JSPs there? If so, that will not work. What you need is something like /webapps/ccr/ccr.war, and place your JSPs and WEB-INF in there.

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            emrandle Newbie

            Thanks Peter. I was able to a directory structure like this:


            Dropped my app files into the ccr.war directory

            set the line in jboss-service.xml to:


            started JBoss, and all is fine.

            The reason I want to do this in the first place is, that i'm trying an alternative of debugging my code other than having to deploy and do remote debugging. I use JDeveloper as my IDE. I'd like to run the JBoss main class from within my IDE so I can debug local. I layout my directory structure for my webapps just as the web spec calls for it, and point my IDE project to that structure. When I used JRun4, this worked great cause in JRun4 config file i just point to the root directory of my app, and it considered that the expanded web application. Then set the JRun main class as my project run target, include the jrun libs and off you go. I want that with JBoss, but it looks like here I have to have another level of directory structure. Means I have to reconfigure all my apps to have this structure. O no!

            Has this been attempted before with JBoss? I can't believe I'm the only one who doesn't want to go thru having to deploy the app and then remote debugging. Seems to much. I've been spoiled.

            Any help appreciated!

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              Joan Horta  Tosas Novice

              The line you have put on jboss-service.xml is in order to "listen" to a directory for deployed apps (or apps that are going to be deployed). To deploy an exploded WAR, at least in JBoss you have to put the extension to the directory, so JBoss knows then what kind of app (web-app, ejb-app, ...) you're deploying. If you have all your different apps under the directory c:\webapps, the only thing you have to do is change it in jboss-service.xml to that directory instead of c:\webapps\ccr2. Everything that gets into that directory and has an known extension to JBoss will be deployed.
              By the way, in JBoss 5 they are going to permit links in their deploy dir to another dir, so you won't have to change the jboss-service.xml in order to do that. You're not alone in trying this kinda things ;-)