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    JSP setContentType / SetHeader problem...

    Cliff Valenti Newbie

      Hello...We are evaluating a jboss application server (4.0.5.ga), I have a JSP that will not open an excel file from a jboss server (the application works fine on a Jaguar server). I'm thinking its a server setting or something.

      In my jsp I have...

      setContentType("application/vnd.ms-excel") ;
      setHeader("Content-disposition","attachment;filename=MyFile.xls") ;

      When the jsp starts to open I get a message that says "C:\Documents and Settings\temp\MyFile.xls does not exist".

      If I change the header to say "setHeader("Content-disposition","attachement;filename=C:\MyFile.xls) then the file opens ok but in a broswer and not in Excel.

      From a Jaguar box (which I want to get rid of) the original open in Excel with no problems. Any ideas of what I need to do to get this to work ok???