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    Multiple contexts for servlet

    Dan Ackroyd Newbie

      (apologies in advance if this question is in the wrong place, or indeed complete gibberish)

      Due to some of our business partners having strict rules on the formatting of URLs for certain types of content, I'm trying to figure out how to get my servlets to accomadate their rules.

      Some of them require that the first part of the path in the URL be /adult/ and others require /_uk18_/

      My problem is - how do I get several URLs to all point to the same application context - or maybe how to get one servlet to listen on several URLs e.g.


      all should go to the same servlet.

      Obviously we could use URL re-writing to remap them - but this is kind of an ugly approach as we couldn't support different rules for different servlets,

      Is there any way to do it just through JBoss?