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    problem with request.getRequestURL() in jboss

    kishore n Newbie


      I am using pagination in struts framework for the records shown in the table.
      The pagination login is from the following link -------------- http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-07-2004/jw-0726-pagination.html
      The issue I am facing is with respect to the hyperlink shown for the "Next page" link.

      The Next Link shows the following url
      In tomcat
      /Context Path/<action path>.do

      In JBoss
      /Context Path/ jsp folder/<jsp pagename>.jsp

      This difference is due to the foll code
      StringBuffer url =new StringBuffer(r.getRequestURL().toString().substring(r.getRequestURL().toString().indexOf(r.getContextPath)));

      In Tomcat it is behaving fine but in JBoss it is not taking the struts *.do factuality