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    Tomcat threads - problem with closing

    Zdravko Bogdanic Newbie


      I've noticed problem with our app server. It seems that sometimes Tomcat keeps thread in status 'S' - (service) for a very long time. Although sometimes user's computer does not have active connection (session) in application which that Tomcat served, also even user's computer is 'shut down'.

      If I look http://localhost/status I see something like this:
      Stage Time B Sent B Recv Client VHost
      S 88751926 ms 0 KB 0 KB 'servername' 'GET.some.jsp'

      Sometimes we called user and ask him to log in and logout from application, and usually it helps and thread disappeared from list, but sometimes it does not work.

      We use Jboss 4.0.3 SP1 (Tomcat 5.5)

      any clue?