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    Tomcat/JBoss: deactivating cookies in context.xml do not wor

    Seb Lor Newbie

      Helle @all,

      I have some reasons to unabling cookies in just ONE of my webapplication. I want to transfer the sessionID over the URL. Normally you can do this in the special META-INF/context.xml of this application. Like this:

      Now I have got two scenarios. In the first one everything works fine( but I don't need this). Here I use JBoss as Middleware and another tomcat( outside) as the webserver. So *ear and *war file are two seperated files. The *ear file is in the standard /default/deploy and the *war file in the standard /webapps/ directory. When I start this scenario, everything is fine and it works!

      In the second scenario I want just one *ear file. The *war file is inside of *ear file and JBoss use the integrated Tomcat**.sas(whatever). So I put the context.xml file to *ear/*war/META-INF/context.xml. But it do not work! Even using this option global in the Tomcat**.sas do not work( but I don't need this).
      I'm using Tomcat 5.0(Java 1.4) and JBoss4.0.1. I hope, you have some ideas for my problem...