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    Marty La Jeunesse Newbie

      I've been looking for a comet implementation to support my webapp running in JBoss 4.0.3sp1. I finally found a servlet implementation called comet in Tomcat 6.0. I then discovered that JBoss 4.2 integrates Tomcat 6.0. While mulling that over, I finally glanced at Seam to see what it was all about, and it seems from my cursory look, to mention all the RIA buzzwords.
      So... not wanting to re-invent the wheel (especially since mine are never quite as round), can I find a comet-like solution in JBoss 4.2/Seam?
      Basically what I want, is if a user is logged on to my app and there is a data change by another user that affects the first user's UI, I want to push that change out to them.
      Perhaps I should be posting in the Seam forum, but I was hoping to catch the attention of someone whao has used the Tomcat comet servlet in JBoss.

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          tedgoddard Newbie

          ICEfaces supports Ajax Push with Seam; you simply invoke a render of any desired pages on the server and the updates will be pushed to the connected users.

          We are just now looking into specific integration with the asynchronous features of Tomcat 6, but you can certainly use Ajax Push without these features (however scalability is limited with the standard Servlet API in that a thread per client is required). (Note that the ICEfaces enterprise server can be used alongside JBoss to better handle the push connections.)