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    Remote access to images file system (Windows)

    Stephane LEVY Newbie


      We are running a cluster of JBoss on Windows 2003 machines with IIS and jk connector in front.
      We have this content management plateform that deploys images and pdf to a remote Windows 2003 file system : we are not allowed to copy these files to JBoss machines nor to the IIS server.
      We want the JBoss AS to serve the static content because it is doing some verification (actually the ATG framework that runs on it does).

      The application root context is /myApp and the images root context is /myImages (ATG Dynamo server was able to handle that situation).

      My question is : how could we have JBoss (Tomcat) serve the remote files in the JSP pages ? (without copying them on the server and without changing the images URL in the JSP files)

      Thank you for your help