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    Code too large for try Statement + JBoss 4.0.1 + Struts

    JbossUser Jboss Newbie

      Hello All,

      I have a very Big page with lots of control on it. I am not using any scriplets on JSP page. My whole page consists of struts tags. Just a Presentation logic using struts.
      I want to add some more functionality to it. But it gives me error "code too large for try statement ....". If I removed some other part of code from page then it works.
      So I come to conclusion that there is some limit on page size.

      I have heard that the method cant be more than 64K. As I have one JSP page it automatically gets converted into JSP_Service which in my case may be more than 64K.

      To solve this
      1] I have divided the JSP code and then used jsp:include But of no use. as finally it would be converted into single service Method.

      2] I have put the following line of code into web.xml and also tried to put in Jboss-web.xml. But this also does not work for me.

      Is there any solution for above?