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    Question on JSF lifecyle -> alter model in apply application

    Carsten Rudat Novice

      Hi all,

      I use JSF 1.2 RI on JBoss 5 Beta 2 and I try to update a backing bean in the application phase like this:

      public class MyBean{
       protected MyDataStructure m; // + getter/setter
       public String anActionMethodWithOutcome() {
       setM(new MyDataStructure());
       return outcome;

      Before the call of anActionMethodWithOutcome() m is null. At the last line of anActionMethodWithOutcome() m is set to a correct value. No other setM() is called. BUT, when the response renders the screen and a getter-method is called, I see in the debugger, that m is null :-(

      I think, it has anything to do with the livecycle of jsf... Is there a way to update the model and have this modification still at response time?

      Best regards,