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    Best way tom support goodlooking URLs

    Anton Anton Newbie

      Hello all!
      Now I have the challenge to implement goodlooking URLs for my web app. It's needed for indexing pages by different search engine robots.
      So I have to choose between web frameworks.
      As I know - Struts is good choice, JSF is not good, Tapestry ??
      What would you suggest? It's common problem but I didn't find any sources about this task.

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          iosu santurtun Newbie

          have a look at urlrewritefilter (google for it, i don't remember the url anymore), check if it supports you favourite framework, and give it a chance.

          I've recently used it with struts 1.2 and works pretty well

          The point is, you can add pretty urls *after* building your webapp using any of those frameworks, no need to choose your framework based on the urls it uses (pretty ugly for all of them!)

          good luck!