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    Server returns HTTP response 404

    Guy Hudara Newbie


      1. I have put a file named foo.txt in <JBOSS FOLDER>\server\default\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat55.sar\ROOT.war\test\ folder

      2. When I open a browser and navigate to http://:8080/test/foo.txt, I see the file in the browser.

      3. I'm using another application and send an HTTP GET request to the same URI, but the server returns 404 Not found.

      4. I'v used a sniffer to find the differences between my application and the browser, and I saw that some HTTP headers in the requests are different.

      My question is, how can the content of the HTTP headres in the request affect Tomcat in such a way that it will return 404 Not Found response ???

      Guy Hudara