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    Expose a single war with 2 different locations

    tomerbd2 Newbie


      I'm working with jboss/tomcat I have a war that i deploy lets say mywebapp.war (its a JSF application).

      I want to expose it with 2 different urls


      Is there anyway to do it? maybe with web.xml or something like that?
      (I know i can expose servlets with 2 different locations so i want to know if its possible also with a web application).

      Note that I have already asked this at: http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5217977&tstart=0
      However they told me there to create 2 wars... which is not what im looking for because i dont want to create 2 wars just because i want 2 locations (currently i'm using this solution as a workaround). I'm looking to know if there is just a way to expose my jsf application in 2 different locations...