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    putting Jsf el on javascript popup window - very urgent-plea

    padmavathi chirumalla Newbie


      I am using JSF.

      I got the need to pass the value from datatable as the parameter to javascript popup window.

      Could any body help me in passing the value as el expression and displaying that parameter on the popup window.

      Here is my code

      <h:dataTable value="#{requestBean.screenApprovalLine}" var="req">
      <h:inputText value="#{req.approverId}" readOnly="#{req.readOnly}" id="#{req.seqNbr}" />
      <h:commandButton value="Search" onmousedown="javascript:window.open('\search.jsp?approveType=+'approveType.value'','Employees','scrollbars=yes','height=200,width=150');" rendered="#{!req.readOnly}" >

      <f:param value="#{req.approveType}" name="approveType"></f:param>


      search.jsp is my popup window.

      please help me.