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    SSL + Apache (mod_jk) + java client

    Martin Ganserer Novice


      I have a problem that is really hard to solve!
      My system looks like this:
      I use JBOSS App Server 4.2.0 GA, an Apache with (mod_jk) and a rich client that communicates via http with the Apache.
      Everything works absolutely perfect when using http!!

      But somehow I must encrypt data being transportet between client and apache. My decision was to take ssl.
      But now nothing works any more! I am sure that the reason for the problem is the certificate that I created and signed by my own.

      Could someone please post some lines how to create a self signed certificate (with keytool and or openssl) that can be used with apache (mod_ssl) and is compatible with javax.net.ssl?

      Thank you very much in advance!