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    Steps needed to configure Apache with AJP

    hunk us Newbie

      We have a single Solaris box on which we have multiple environments ( test , volume test , Integration test ) and we need to use different domain names to access the applications in different environments :

      like for test :


      for it :


      we current run the same application through the JBOSS/ Tomcat bundle which uses ports along with the URL's.

      I have heard of mod_jk / AJP /APACHE can be used to provide a solution but how do I provide the mapping between URL's and the ports since DNS does not support ports.

      I want to have the URL redirection in this way :

      http://solana.gt.pt.com -> should go to -> http://solana.pt.com:8990

      How to achieve this . Please provide actual steps. I also saw this document but can't achieve my thing with exactly this so what needs to be changed in this document to achieve my goal.