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    consumes much memory when number of servlets grows

    unni s Newbie

      I have one ear with size 140MB and has been deployed in jboss 3.2.5.and
      runs smothly.

      This ear contains files from 20 different modules. So i planned to split ear in to multiple war file in the following manner.

      one main.ear contains main.jar and main.war.

      Jar contains my EJB classes ( Number of EJB classes are very less in my application ). war file contains other common files and common jsp files.

      seperate module jar files with following .

      java classes of the particular module

      pre-compiled Jsp files of the module jsp.( Since jsp's are pre compiled these entries will go to web.xml)

      main.war will be having servlets entries of all the pre-compiled jsp's. The count comes around 6000. All these module jar files and ear is put in to deploy folder.But when I deploy it , it is found that jboss is taking 200MB more memory than the previous one.But still i am having 350 MB free memory in the system. And When I take the applet in jboss web-console memory usage increases gradually and finally throws outofmemeory error. But in the case of single ear this applet works well.

      Any help is appreciated.

      thanks & regards