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    Http Session expiration

    Ed Leisman Newbie


      2 non-clustered JBoss servers.
      Stateless sessions.

      We have a development and staging duplication of servers as well as a hosted production environment.

      The only difference in our production environment is our ISP uses a different firewall and hardware load balancer.

      We are seeing the sessions timeout before they are scheduled to timeout ( a 4 hour timeout timing out after 1 hour ). The session is being set in the application using session.setMaxInactiveInterval(clientTimeout * 60);

      We suspect the firewall is possibly killing the sessions due to TCP session inactivity... possibly...


      Has anyone seen such a scenario?
      If so, how did you resolve?

      If we suspect incorrectly, is there something we could be overlooking which could be expring the sessions? As we said - same config and code deployment, works properly in other 2 envisonments.

      Please advise.

      Thank you.