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    Improvement suggestion: Option to disable unnecessarily verb

    Przemyslaw Jaskierski Newbie

      For example when view expires user is presented with message dialog "View couldn't be restored, reload from server?". There should be an option to avoid
      such message, and, for example, reload the view automatically. I don't want to bother and confuse user in such (very often trivial) situations.
      Handling this "expire" example in a hardcoded way is easy and is the matter of making A4J.AJAX.onExpired function return static value... But it's about the usability and elegancy in general. Even those 500-error message boxes can be handled in other way (showing server's error page, that was meant exactly for the purpose of handling errors and allowing for redirection and smooth error handling without confusing users).

      Should I file a Feature Request? Or maybe it's resolved actually but I didn't spot it?