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    how to call unix shell script from web app?

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      I would like to call unix shell scripts from my web app and get the exit code from the job passed back to the web user. The job is short enough for the call to be done synchronously.
      What would be a robust way of implementing this functionality? My JBoss version is 4.0.5.


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          Ragav Gomatam Novice

          Code is as below :-

          import java.io.*;
          /** Demonstrate how to run an external program. **/
          public class MyServlet implements HttpServlet{
           /** From the main run an servlet . **/
           public doGet( request,response) {
           try {
           Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime (); // step 1
           Process process = rt.exec ("/call/some/shell"); // step 2
           InputStreamReader reader = // step 3
           new InputStreamReader ( process.getInputStream () );
           BufferedReader buf_reader =
           new BufferedReader ( reader ); // step 4.
           String line;
           while ((line = buf_reader.readLine ()) != null)
           System.out.println (line);
           catch (IOException e) {
           System.out.println (e);
          } // servlet end

          Make sure you grab the Process & flush the err stream, input tsream & out put stream...Other wise due to insufficient length of err buffers in OS this would hang