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    Migrate existing Tomcat-application - using session together

    Hans Wurst Newbie


      we want to migrate our existing tomcat bases web application to a JBoss architecture. In the first step of the migration process we want to use both systems together: new parts of the application should be integrated with JBoss, existing parts should be used from the old application.

      I think it should work like this:
      - We build a new web application with JBoss.
      - We copy the war-file of the existing application to the tomcat and register the context.
      - In the menu of the new application we integrate some links to the .jsp-files of the old application.
      - Users log in at the JBoss web app.
      - When a user click in the menu on one of the menuitems of the old application he does not have to login a second time - the tomcat session is the same for the JBoss web app and the new one.
      - No data-exchange exept of user-handling has to be done between the two applications. Perhaps the old application can use some webservices from the JBoss

      Does this scenario work?
      Are there any integration-problems in general?

      Thanks for answers, Tomka.