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    jsf pluggable pages?

    Vladimir Penkov Newbie

      I have jsf application, written using facelets. I want it to be extedable with custom modules.
      Module is simple jar with faces-context.xml in it. I can place it in /WEB-INF/lib directory, register somehow in my app, for example by specifying main class of module, so later, after deploy, I can reach all resources from this jar.
      As specified in spec, I can add managed beans and custom navigation rules into module's faces-context.xml. But what about jsp pages? How can I add them and later tell my main app to use them? For example, I have rule:


      (let's say, that every module must use /modules/<module_name> prefix). Both foo.jsp and foo1.jsp are located in module_test.jar, which is (as Imentioned before) in /WEB-INF/lib folder of my main app. So how will main app understand that it must load jsp's from module_test.jar?