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    a:commandLink or s:link

    Levent Aksu Newbie

      I am a beginner to ajax4jsf & richFaces, and I am afraid I have started with not the easiest component, that is tree.
      Think of a two column page design. On the left, I have a Tree component. On the right, there is a panel displaying the details of the node selected on the tree. When user clicks different nodes on the tree, it should refresh the panel only and display corresponding objects but it should not refresh the tree.
      I am also using Seam and it provides me with the <s:link> which allows actions containing parameters as in:

      <s:link value="#{item.name}" action="organizationList.selectCompany(item)">

      In the manual, it says I should use <a:commandLink> instead of <h:commandLink> to be able to start an ajax call. However I wish to pass the item as a parameter to my method so I can tell which node was selected and for that I should use <s:link>
      I am puzzled for what to use. What would you suggest?
      Best Regards