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    UDP Front-End for JBoss?

    Lance Drake Newbie

      Hi JBoss folks,

      Is it possible to setup an input portal to JBoss so that it will accept UDP 'packets' instead of requiring the Apache/Tomcat HTTPD POST/GET format and escaped arguments string?

      The intent was to simply send XML documents into a JBoss web-container to which a UDP connection had been established and have the content of the packet forwarded to a servlet fro further processing.

      Thanks for whatever vector to more information you may be able to provide.

      Best Regards,

      Lance Drake

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          erasmo2 marciano2 Master

          this is not possible due to http protocol working on tcp

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            Lance Drake Newbie

            Hi erasmomarciano,

            Thanks for your reply. Having read the line "Apache/Tomcat is the default web-container" someplace, I was wondering what OTHER web-containers might be available - and if there WERE other web-containers - might not one or more of them support other protocols than HTTP on TCP.

            I appreciate your taking the time to answer my question. It's my guess that there may not, if fact, be such an opportunity to support UDP into JBoss - but I thought I'd ask.

            Best Regards,

            Lance Drake

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              Peter Johnson Master

              As far as I know, there is no reason why you could not write your own service for JBossAS that opens a UDP port and does what you are asking for. The catch is that you have to either handle the UDP protocol yourself or find a library that will do it for you.

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                Lance Drake Newbie

                Hi Peter -

                Exactly... all things are possible - I was hoping to NOT have to write network comm code that would then have to be debugged - the reality is that it's not as easy as one might hope in order to cover all the contingencies.

                There's so MUCH to JBoss that I thought maybe I had just not gone into the correct nook or cranny to fetch something which already existed.

                The fellow pushing for this UDP connection may be trying to solve a problem that really isn't there - but I'm trying to help investigate the possibilities - it looks like fulfillment of this requirement may be in the 'one-off' category.

                Thanks for your input.