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    Controlling access web apps

    Elvis D, Novice

      Hi all,

      I need a feature but I don't know where to search for it, not even if exists.... ;-)
      I have a JBoss server (v. 4.2.2 using default config) that serves a client-server application and 3 web applications.
      1 of this 3 should be public, i have routed the trafic to this server, external clients are connecting to this web app. The application is accessed directly by the public IP (link on regular home page...)
      The others web applications MUST be accessible ONLY from the local(s) network(s).

      How can I configure this scenario?
      Is there something that I can configure?
      Are Virtual Hosts the answer? Something else?

      Many thanks for your answer


      ..... sorry for bad english .....