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    Sun One web server JBoss issue serving static contents

    Chris Shen Newbie

      We have Sun One web server 6.1 with mod_jk running on our tier 1 and JBoss 4.0.5 running on our tier 2. We encounter a weird issue that sometimes, static contents are not served properly. I have checked the log files on both the web and the app server. It seems that somtimes, certain requests for images or css actually never reach the app server, and these requests show up with a 500 and 305 status code in our web server log. This happens frequently where every other request to a page with images and css may be rendered without the images or css. The request coming to tier 1 is through https. I have not tried it through http, but not sure if that is what is causing this issue...Has anyone run into similiar issues before?