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    Jboss Crash: AJP / mod_jk / Apache

    Matthias Meisenberger Newbie


      I have a Problem with the AJP connector and Jboss. Everytime I restart Apache or one of my Cron-Jobs reconfigures and restarts Apache, Jboss shutsdown/crashes.
      With Jboss 4.2.0 jboss simply crashed (without any log-output), now with 4.2.3 I see the shutdown in the logs:

      06:25:05,462 INFO [Server] Runtime shutdown hook called, forceHalt: true
      06:25:05,463 INFO [Server] JBoss SHUTDOWN: Undeploying all packages

      I tried it with and without the JBoss Natives, but it is always the same.

      Here is my configuration:
      Debian 4.0
      Java 6.0 beta 6
      Jboss 4.2.3
      Apache 2.2.3-4+etch4
      mod_jk 1.2.18-3etch1

      Jboss Server.xml:
       <Listener className="org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener" SSLEngine="on" />
       <Listener className="org.apache.catalina.core.JasperListener" />
       <Service name="jboss.web">
      <Connector port="8009" address="localhost" maxThreads="250" minSpareThreads="25" maxSpareThreads="75"
       emptySessionPath="true" enableLookups="false" redirectPort="8443" protocol="AJP/1.3"
       <Engine name="jboss.web" defaultHost="localhost" jvmRoute="jboss">

      mod_jk configuration "jk_load":

      # Load mod_jk module
      # Specify the filename of the mod_jk lib
      LoadModule jk_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_jk.so

      # Where to find workers.properties
      JkWorkersFile /etc/apache2/worker.properties

      # Where to put jk logs
      JkLogFile /var/log/apache2/mod_jk.log

      # Set the jk log level [debug/error/info]
      JkLogLevel info

      # Select the log format
      JkLogStampFormat "[%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y]"

      # JkOptions indicates to send SSK KEY SIZE
      # Note: Changed from +ForwardURICompat.
      # See http://tomcat.apache.org/security-jk.html
      JkOptions +ForwardKeySize +ForwardURICompatUnparsed -ForwardDirectories

      # JkRequestLogFormat
      JkRequestLogFormat "%w %V %T"

      # Mount your applications

      # You can use external file for mount points.
      # It will be checked for updates each 60 seconds.
      # The format of the file is: /url=worker
      # /examples/*=loadbalancer
      JkMountFile /etc/apache2/uriworkermap.properties

      # Add shared memory.
      # This directive is present with 1.2.10 and
      # later versions of mod_jk, and is needed for
      # for load balancing to work properly
      # Note: Replaced JkShmFile logs/jk.shm due to SELinux issues. Refer to
      # https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=225452
      JkShmFile run/jk.shm

      # Add jkstatus for managing runtime data
      <Location /jkstatus/>
      JkMount status
      Order deny,allow
      Deny from all
      Allow from

      mod_jk workoer.properties:


      # Status worker for managing load balancer

      mod_jk uiwrokermap:


      Hope anyone can help, thx in advance